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A Letter to Southern California Cyclists

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

To Southern California Cyclists:

We all love riding in groups, and no matter whether it is because of the camaraderie we share, the ability to race with others, better safety and support, or just the enjoyment of suffering together, it has been difficult to give up group rides during the pandemic. I commend all of you that have stopped riding together so we can do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. As a club or group leader I care about the safety of my members. You are my friends, teammates, and riding partners and I want everyone to be safe so we can enjoy riding together again once this is behind us. The leaders of the cycling organizations in the area agree that safety is paramount and the undersigned are in agreement with the following principles.

Riding Principles During the Pandemic

I. Cycling is important and we encourage our members to ride, indoors and outdoors, during the pandemic, but we encourage members to follow social distancing protocols.

II. At this time, clubs and groups are not promoting group rides. If you choose to ride outdoors, please ride only with those that you live with. Please do not ride in groups. Beyond the obvious health risks, the potential social and sponsor backlash could cause unforeseen problems for all of us.

III. Do not use our social media (i.e. Facebook, Strava, website, etc) to announce rides and please do not post photos of large group rides to social media.

IV. Group rides are not expected to resume until city, county, and state guidelines permit them. When group rides resume, there may be limits on group size and distancing that we will have to follow.

V. When riding outside please follow covid-19 cycling etiquette:

  1. Always have a face mask with you in case you need to enter a closed space, are riding through a city that requires one, or come upon others.

  2. Always check behind you or pull off the road or trail when you sneeze, cough, or expectorate. Better yet, carry a handkerchief.