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Rob Dollar

March 16, 1981 - October 29, 2017

Rob was one of kind and had a huge impact on Big Orange. He was one of the most energetic, fun-loving, and charismatic individuals you could meet. Rob’s love for his family and friends was second to none, and his enthusiasm for living life to the fullest was contagious. 


Beyond his successes as a Cat 3 road and Cat 2 MTB racer, Rob was a racing inspiration. He could energize the Big Orange racing teams like no other. He was incredibly supportive of getting teammates to race and he would often be more stoked about their performance than his own, even when he had a great race. Rob had the ability to get people to do more than they thought they could. 


Rob was an ambassador of Big Orange. He wore the kit with pride, raced hard and often, and represented the club in the best ways. His life was cut short when he was struck head on by an impaired driver who had crossed over the center line while he was descending South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.


We miss Rob every day.

We encourage everyone to contribute to the Rob Dollar Foundation to support cyclist safety.

Pissanuk 'Jonathan' Tansavatdi

September 25, 1986 - March 8, 2016

Jon was a true friend to all that knew him. Not only was he super strong on his bike, he was also kind, and personable. He brought his hard drive and determination to every ride, but he was always fun to ride with even if he was trying to tear your legs off. 

There are a lot of good stories about how JT rode. One of our favorites was his first ride up Piuma. He took off like a rabbit at the bottom of the climb and many of the more experienced riders thought he would blow up before he got to the top. He suffered, but he held his pace and got to the top minutes before the rest of us. When we finally caught up to him, he could hardly move and he was suffering from the effort he just gave on his bike, but you’d never know it by his joyous attitude and the huge grin on his face. The ability to work hard and have fun while doing it is the mark of a true hardman. JT was that and more.

He was proud to be a member of Big Orange and we were very proud to count him as one of ours.  He collided with a semi-truck at Hawthorne Blvd and Vallon in Rancho Palos Verdes. He was only 29 when he died. We miss JT very much.

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