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Big Orange Cycling is member owned and run, so we have certain expectations of our club members. Accordingly, all members must:

  • Obey the One Rule (Don't be a Dick!)

  • Help other riders

  • Give assistance if there is a crash

  • Be friendly to other riders, pedestrians and motorists

  • Introduce themselves to other riders, especially new riders

  • Ride lawfully and safely*

  • Maintain an active membership**

* All members are encouraged to complete a course from Cycling Savvy offered by Big Orange at no cost

** Members are responsible for keeping their contact details current in the Big Orange  website and for receiving email communication from the website.

Additionally, members are encouraged to help find new sponsors and maintain and promote our existing sponsors.  We have no corporate angel. Year to year, available resources are determined entirely by the membership and the support of our sponsors.

This may sound like a lot, but it is the price of freedom. We do not answer to a corporate overlord or a hired race director with an axe to grind. We determine our own fate and the fate of the club. ALL members share in this ownership. Our Board of Directors, Officers and Committees are made up entirely of member volunteers. These positions are open to any member who wants to run for them. This shared bond makes us more like a family and it extends beyond the bike. Our members are there for each other no matter what the circumstance. 

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