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COVID-19 Forces Suspension of Group Rides

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

To All Big Orange Members:

Due to the risk of COVID-19 infection we are temporarily stopping all Big Orange team rides. We hope all of you will continue riding during this period and look forward to resuming team rides once the risk of infection has diminished. We recognize that many of our members prefer to ride with others and encourage you to be careful in screening your ride partners so you will remain safe and healthy.

1) We recommend avoiding all group rides and races because of the risk of infection due to flying fluids from other riders (snot rockets, mucus, saliva, etc.)

2) Absolutely do not show up to a ride or race if:

i) you think you have been exposed to COVID-19

ii) you have traveled to an area of high infection (class 2 or 3) in the last 14 days ( )

iii) you exhibit any of the following symptoms ( )

(a) fever

(b) cough

(c) shortness of breath

(d) aches

3) Keep a healthy distance from other riders

4) Be hyper vigilant about launching snot rockets and keeping bodily fluids to yourself

5) Don't share bottles or food

We encourage all of you to maintain your healthy habits which may include cycling and look forward to seeing everyone on the road again soon.


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