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Brandon Poser - Member, Racer, & Custom Frame Builder

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Most riders are happy if they can make their bike sing while dancing on the pedals. How about a rider that makes his own bikes? Big Orange member and racer, Brandon Poser, does just that. In addition to being a strong racer, he is also the founder and creative talent behind BAHL Cycle Works, LLC., makers of custom steel bikes. With four bike models available ranging from race to gravel and a unique attention to detail and fit, BAHL Cycle Works may just have the perfect bike for you. Check out this story about Brandon and the BAHL Cycle Works website

Custom lugs like this are a mark of top craftsmanship.

Smooth lines, custom paint and details, and personalized frame geometry are key features of BAHL bicycles.

BAHL Cycle Works lineup includes a well regarded gravel bike. Note the 1x Campy drivetrain.


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