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Group Riding is Back

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Recent changes in the LA County health codes allow certain group sport activities including cycling if they follow rules established to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

  • Group cycling is conducted by stable cohorts.

Cohort membership is static and riders can only be part of one cohort at a time. Group rides such as the donut ride or NPR where cyclists may be doing multiple group rides in a short period or membership (participation in the ride) is not static, do not conform to the cohort protocol and should be avoided.

  • Members should follow a 14-day isolation period before joining a new cohort.

  • Before each ride, cohort members must attest to their COVID-19 status including symptom screening and COVID-19 exposure. Any member that does not pass all parts of the screen may not participate. The ride leader must have this information before a member can participate.

  • A current copy of the LA county health protocol for group activities during COVID-19 must be available to all members of the cohort. (

  • During the activity, members must remain at least 6 feet apart and wear masks. During heavy exertion when mask wearing is not practical, the distance between participants must be at least 8 feet.

  • Activities are only allowed outside.

  • If a member of a cohort has a positive COVID-19 exposure then all members of the cohort should self-isolate and the status of the cohort should be reported to the LA County Department of Health within 24 hours.

  • We ask that Big Orange group rides are limited to current Big Orange members only and that all riders be identifiable as a member by wearing a Big Orange kit. This helps the public to see this group is adhering to county health and club protocols when combined with posting these rules publicly on our websites and social media.


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