Thank you for your interest in Big Orange Cycling. First thing you need to know, we have only One Rule: Don't Be A Dick.


If you want to become a member, but don't know anyone in the club, please select the button at left to contact the new member committee before proceeding further.

Big Orange runs differently than most other clubs, we actually encourage people new to cycling to join and mentor these people into competent riders. Plus, we are member owned and run. You should know what you are signing up for so please have a serious look at the information below and let us know if joining still sounds like a good idea! 

Big Orange Cycling Mission. 

Big Orange is dedicated to racing and rider development. We compete primarily in the SCNCA region in Road, MTB, CX and Track. You do not need to race to join Big Orange, our membership is open to all that want to ride their bikes and potentially pursue racing.  We have members of all ages, from all walks of life, and just about every profession.  

The primary objectives of the club are as follows:

  • Support and encourage our members to race in USAC sanctioned events across all disciplines and categories. 
  • Support and encourage proper training methods and "no-drop” rides.
  • Support and encourage rider education and safe riding techniques.

Big Orange is member owned and run so we have certain expectations of our membership. 

  • Obey the One Rule. 
  • Help other riders on the road.
  • Give assistance if there is a crash. 
  • Be friendly to other riders, pedestrians and motorists. 
  • Introduce ourselves to other riders, especially new riders. 
  • Ride lawfully and safely. This includes completing a course from Cycling Savvy offered by Big Orange at no cost. 
  • Finally, members are encouraged to help find new and maintain our existing sponsors. We have no corporate angel. Year to year, available resources are determined entirely by the membership.

This may sound like a lot but it is the price of freedom. We do not answer to a corporate overlord or a hired race director with an axe to grind. We determine our own fate and the fate of the club. ALL members share in this ownership: it's your club. Our Board of Directors, Executive Officers and Committees are made up entirely of members only. These positions are open to any member who wants to run for them. This shared bond makes us more like a family and it extends beyond the bike. Our members are there for each other on or off the bike. 

If this still sounds good and you would like to proceed please press the “I agree” button. 

Thank you,

Big Orange Cycling New Member Committee