Training 9/19-9/25


Okay. That's three weeks at around 300mi/week. This week is a rest week. It's extremely important to actually rest! I will avoid fast group rides and bring down the volume and intensity. You need to start the next block very fresh or you will not make it through. This is true for every rest week! You may not feel super fatigued yet, but just do it!

Flat endurance is OVER! Climbing starts when we return from the rest week. We are starting at -20LT or bottom of zone 3 and will continue all month long at that level. You have nothing to prove on these climbs except that you're smart enough to train wisely. Opening team ride will be LATIGO. Do not be intimidated. If you have been making the Team Ride this far you will be fine. Everyone climbs at their own pace. Everyone waits at the top. Faster climbers: go back down and ride up with a slower rider. We roll out to Latigo at exactly the same pace we've been going. Coming home the tempo is a little higher though so DO NOT break yourself climbing! At -20LT you can converse causally with those around you. If you ride in the recommended zone the pace on the return ride will not break you. If you go full into the red on Latigo, well then you get dropped on PCH and an "I told you so" to boot. 

Mon 9/19. Rest. 

Tues. 9/20. 8am. PV loop. 2hrs. Super chill. 

Weds. 9/21. 8am. PV loop. 2hrs. Super chill. 

Thurs. 9/22. 8am. PV loop. 2hrs. Super chill. 

Fri. 9/23. Rest. 

Sat. 9/24. FDR. 8:15am. Miramar Park. 30mi. 2 hrs. Will offer descent clinic. 

Sun. 9/25. TEAM RIDE. 7am. MB Starbucks. XCREEK. 3.5 hrs. 60mi. NOODLE tempo. 

Send a note if joining Tues-Thurs. 


Send a note if joining Tues-Thurs.