Up a little more volume this week. Last on week of the block. Next week is a rest week. 

Mon 9/12. Rest. 
Tues. 9/13. 8am. PV climbing -25LT. 3hrs. 
Weds. 9/14. 8am. XCreek. 3.5hrs. 60mi. Endurance tempo. 
Thurs. 9/15. NPR. 6:30am. 2hrs. 40mi. Chill. 
Fri. 9/16. Friday Coffee Crew. 8am. Catalina Coffee. 20mi. 1.5hrs. 
Sat. 9/17. FDR. 8:15am. Miramar Park. 30mi. 2 hrs. Chill. Will offer descent clinic. 
Sun. 9/18. TEAM RIDE. 7am. MB Starbucks. THE ROCK. 6.5 hrs. 105mi. ENDURANCE tempo. (Zone 2).

Would love to hook up with 5+ peeps for Weds for XCreek like last week. Otherwise I'll probably hit PV.