10/31 - 11/16

I'm done doing FDR except rest weeks. It's time for Donut. Stay with main group until climbs, then stick to caps. Also, starting strength training now as well. Tuesdays will be Big Ring, low cadence (30-35rpm) on VDM for about six weeks. Don't attempt these without instruction. Proper form is essential to avoid injury. They are done seated, with continuous power throughout the pedal-stroke and minimal upper body movement. You also want to divide each interval into three parts, alternating bar position between tops, drops and hoods. 

Mon 10/31. Rest. 

Tues. 11/1. 8am. BIG RING (30-35 cadence) on VDM. 3x 50x15. 1.5hrs. 2k ft. 

Weds. 11/2. 8am. PV loop. 3hrs. 5k ft. -15LT. 

Thurs. 11/3. 6:30am. NPR. 2hrs. One good effort. 

Fri. 11/4. FCC (Friday Coffee Crew). 8am Catalina Coffee. Chill PV + Coffee. 2hrs. 3k ft. 

Sat. 11/5.  DONUT. 8am. 50mi. 5k ft. 3 hrs. All climbs at -15LT. 

Sun. 11/6. TEAM RIDE. 7am. MB Starbucks. LATIGO/Mulholland/Stunt. 6hrs. 90mi. 7.5k ft. -15LT. 



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