Training 10/24 - 10/31

New block. This one at -15LT or top of zone 3. We will be ramping up the climbing a bit on Sunday as well. 

Mon 10/24. Rest. 

Tues. 10/25. 8am. PV loop. 2hrs. 3k ft. -15LT.

Weds. 10/26. 8am. PV loop. 3hrs. 5k ft. -15LT. 

Thurs. 10/27. 6:30am. NPR. 2hrs. One good effort. 

Fri. 10/28. Rest. 

Sat. 10/29.  FDR. 8:15am. Miramar Park. 30mi. 3k ft. 2 hrs. -15LT. Will offer descent clinic. 

Sun. 10/30. TEAM RIDE. 7am. MB Starbucks. LATIGO/Mulholland/Stunt. 6hrs. 90mi. 7.5k ft. -15LT. 

Send note if joining Weds.