Training 10/3 - 10/16


Here is my radically optimistic training schedule for this week. All early week rides subject to change if I'm still sick. Early indications are not good. I'm blaming the election year climate. Team ride stays the same for last week of block. After a rest week we will add Stunt to Team Ride. 

Mon 10/10. Rest. 

Tues. 10/11. 1:30pm. PV loop. 2hrs. 3k ft. -20LT.

Weds. 10/12. 8am. PV loop. 3hrs. 5k ft. -20LT. 

Thurs. 10/13. 6:30am. NPR. 2hrs. One good effort. 

Fri. 10/14. Rest. 

Sat. 10/15. FDR. 8:15am. Miramar Park. 30mi. 3k ft. 2 hrs. -20LT. Will offer descent clinic. 

Sun. 10/16. TEAM RIDE. 7am. MB Starbucks. LATIGO/Mulholland/Old Topanga. 5.5 hrs. 90mi. 6.5k ft. -20LT. 

Send note if joining Tues or Weds.