Training 9/26 - 10/2

Ok. Climbing season starts right now. All climbing this month will be at -20LT (twenty beats below lactate threshold) or bottom of Zone 3 power. I understand that Strava also breaks heart rate into "Zones". I do not know if these Strava heart rate zones corresponds to power zones. My guess is they do NOT. So pay attention to the LT we are prescribing if you train by HR, not the zone. At these levels you should be able to hold a conversation while climbing. You should not be mauling your bike to get up the hill. By the end of the month it should be so easy that you can't wait for the next block and the opportunity to go harder. 


For optimum yield with this training it's extremely important you stay in the prescribed zones even if you feel you can go harder. You are trying to slowly acclimate to producing increased output. Just going hard all the time is not going to do that. 


Also, I will start adding the vertical feet and heart rate zones to ride descriptions so you can better see what the overall week looks like in terms of total output. This will be a relatively easy week. Things will ramp up every week! Near the end of this block it's back to the Donut Ride. BUT you should still climb in the prescribed zone, yes people are going to pass you. 


Mon 9/16. Rest. 

Tues. 9/27. 1:30pm. PV loop. 2hrs. 3k ft. -20LT. PVE COUNCIL MEETING 5:30pm!!!

Weds. 9/28. 8am. PV loop. 3hrs. 5k ft. -20LT. 

Thurs. 9/29. 6:30am. NPR. 2hrs. One good effort. 

Fri. 9/30. Rest. 

Sat. 10/1. FDR. 8:15am. Miramar Park. 30mi. 3k ft. 2 hrs. -20LT. Will offer descent clinic. 

Sun. 10/2. TEAM RIDE. 7am. MB Starbucks. LATIGO. 5.5 hrs. 80mi. 5k ft. -20LT. 


Send note if joining Tues or Weds.